At present, the FINOPOLIS 2018 business programme is in the formative stage. But even now you can have an impact on its themes and speakers.

The Forum’s main programme is scheduled for 18–19 October 2018. Participants will also be offered additional events, excursions, and entertainment on 17 October.

The Fintech Youth Day, which is intended for young people and students at Russian universities, will be held on the first day, 17 October 2018.

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  • Fintech: a new era and new players
  • Digital transformation in finance: are we in time?
  • Telecommunications, retail, finance, technology: competitors or allies?
  • The regulatory ‘sandbox’: a game without rules or the rules of the game?
  • The age of AI: successes, dilemmas, the human factor
  • Cybersecurity in the fintech era: protecting the digital economy’s circulatory system
  • On the way to financial accessibility
  • Fast loan decisions: innovative solutions in financial services for people and small businesses
  • Human and his digital alter ego
  • Homo technologicus. How to get prepared for the future?
  • The latest from insurtech: a new customer relationship model
  • Capital markets: have the robots won?