FinTech startup contest at Finopolis 2018


The largest FinTech event of the year


An opportunity to announce your project to the whole country


Recommendations from experienced entrepreneurs and experts


Chance to win a cash grant for the development of the project



The FinTech-startup contest is an annual event within the framework of the Innovative Financial Technologies Forum FINOPOLIS, organized by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. 

The goal of the contest is to develop the innovation environment by increasing the number of high-tech projects of interest to venture investors, corporations and government customers.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for teams offering innovative solutions in the field of financial technologies and developing electronic interaction in the financial market.

The terms of participation

Selection of startups carried out by a jury, which includes experts from the had Central Bank of Russia and the FinTech Association. The finalists will have the opportunity to present their project at FINOPOLIS 2017, the largest event of the Russian FinTech. 

Winners 2017:

1 place


Prize – 3 bln. rub.

Using a personalized approach and making offers based on client needs, we help banks to become more valuable and understandable for their clients.

To achieve that, we use our own model "27 life paths". Understanding client's life path and client's whereabouts on that path, we can personlize banking relationships via emails, sms, call-centers, departments, as well as by other digital channels using a Lifestyle Assistant.

2 place


Prize – 2 bln. rub.

Heedbook analyzes the quality of service and client emotions in real time using a neural network in machine emotional intelligence and deep linguistic analysis. Heedbook receives and analyzes video and audio stream from a webcam on the employee`s workplace and provides you with detailed reports on the quality of service and customer satisfaction in your company.

3 place


Robin is biometric identification system allows you to reduce the time of each call to the contact center by 40 seconds due to the reduction in the number of control words. This gives an economic effect of 27 million rubles per year for a contact center of 100 operators. The accuracy of the system is 97%.

The FinTech 2017 contest winners


7Seconds fintech platform revolutionizes online POS financing, making it fast and reducing fraud. The platform is integrated with online stores and is linked to multiple banks and micro lenders. It has its own innovative antifraud and scoring systems, which helps minimize the risks of financial organizations. 7Seconds solution provides growth of POS loans, efficient credit scoring, easy integration, document flow automation, control of intended use of credit.

Kvartplata 24

Cloud blockchain ecosystem of mutual settlements for HUI (Housing and Utility Infrastructure) provides the issue of a unified electronic payment document based on parametrizable smart contracts and blockchain technology. Each participant of the unified issued payment document sees the actions of all other participants for each smart contract. Instant and fully automatic splitting of payments is provided for the RSO, the MO, the HUC and the SO while receiving payments from residents. This approach ensures full transparency of settlements on the entire chain the resident – the resource provider – the utility provider.


PSYCHEA is automated system of psychographic analysis of bank customers. The project works by the unique methodology that allows to determine a psychotype of the small customers group with the highest accuracy and then to extrapolate the results to the whole impersonalized customer database using the Big Data technologies. After that psychographic experts of the project develop the communication strategy for the interaction with each client segment.


CORPORATE INSURANCE SERVICE The implemented web service will offer a new approach to corporate insurance, delivering to the customers (legal entities – the insured) transparency and simplicity of the transaction, an optimal choice, by standardizing the large flow of information.


“ESIA.Finance” is a cloud platform for brokers and asset management companies enabling online contract signing and providing managers with remote customer support tools. The product is a white-label solution with the following features: ‒ remote identification of individual and legal persons; ‒ online conclusion of asset management and brokerage agreements; ‒ online operation of mutual investment funds; ‒ trading and non-trading operations; ‒ investment analysis tools.


PayControl. Unified platform for validate electronic transactions. Project PayControl – is a platform to authenticate and confirmation electronic transactions for Bank customers, which solves The problem of security remote banking services thanks to use as components on the client side the authentication tools that meet specific needs.


LUNA PLATFORM is a biometric data management system for facial verification and identification. The platform offers a great flexibility to create scenarios of varying complexity for integrated facial recognition. LUNA SDK, a facial recognition engine developed by VisionLabs, is the core technology of the LUNA PLATFORM.