About the Forum


The forum, which is being held by the Bank of Russia in partnership with IT and financial market leaders, has become the country’s largest platform for the discussion and analysis of trends and opportunities for the use of modern digital technologies in the financial sector.

The forum annually brings together about 1,500 participants from Russian and foreign companies along with experts and government representatives. The forum’s programme includes an exhibition area in which market leaders and young companies present their achievements and plans in matters concerning fintech as well as a competition of fintech startups. The first Fintech Youth Day was also held as part of FINOPOLIS 2017.

FINOPOLIS 2019 will take place on 9–11 October in Sochi.

  • The FINOPOLIS conference was very well organized. I found the topics touched upon important concerns of the Fintech industry and thought provoking and speakers were all very engaging and dynamic.

    Through this conference, policy considerations and initiatives of The Central Bank of Russia on the development of a viable Fintech industry for the promotion of financial inclusion were made extremely clear. Many jurisdictions can really learn a great deal from the conference of this caliber.

    Leiming Chen
    Senior Vice President, Member of Globalization Steering Committee and General Counsel, Ant Financial Services Group
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  • The most spectacular thing about FINOPOLIS is that people here use down-to-earth terms to tell about the key role of user experience in digital financial systems,

    which we belong to now.

    Tina Kandelaki
    General Producer, Match TV
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  • “A large, well-organized conference at which pressing issues relating to the penetration of technology in the banking industry are raised.

    Pretty much everyone who’s anyone in FinTech comes here.”

    Vladimir Verkhoshinsky
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  • “AI has great promise in improving both customer satisfaction and societal value

    as financial institutions innovate through Digital Transformation"

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  • “Thanks for the opportunity to participate in FINOPOLIS 2018.

    I was impressed by the interesting topics and the knowledgeable, well-connected speakers. I learned a lot from participating."

    George Westerman
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  • "This is a world-class Forum. No other platform in Russia today is such a focal point for the business community,

    offers such high-quality discussions or showcases so many new ideas. And most importantly, this is a place where you can have a free and frank discussion with the regulator."

    Nikolay Storonsky
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  • We saw the benefits of participating in FINOPOLIS 2018.

    The Forum is a place for constructive talks, and an exchange of experience and ideas. We will absolutely be returning next year.

    Oleg Shkinev
    Vice President, ITG Holding
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  • FINOPOLIS is an important platform for discussing the future of the financial sector.

    It includes interesting participants and relevant topics, such as banks’ interaction with FinTech companies, the role the regulator plays in the development of digital competition, and the future of the digital shift.

    Ilya Polyakov
    Chairman of the Board, Rosbank
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  • FINOPOLIS was one of the best curated FinTech conferences

    I have participated in terms of currency and importance of topics considered, the quality of speakers and discussion, and the attention to detail on all levels including logistics.

    Vasant Dhar
    Professor, Stern School of Business and the Center for Data Science, New York University
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  • “Financial flows are not our main focus. Our main focus is clients and their satisfaction.

    If your clients are satisfied, then sooner or later the finances will all work out. If the finances are in a good place but your clients are unhappy, then sooner or later you’ll be bankrupt.”

    Herman Gref
    CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board, Sberbank
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  • “FINOPOLIS became a truly meaningful event:

    we discussed the Fintech future with our colleagues as well as with the regulator, we worked with students, and had a chance to demonstrate our biometry designs. See you at FINOPOLIS 2019!”

    Oleg Tinkov
    Founder, Tinkoff Bank
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The Mission

The Mission of FINOPOLIS is to facilitate the introduction of innovative technologies into Russia’s financial sector.

Forum Objectives

Wide-ranging discussion of contemporary trends in the development of financial technologies

Presentation of the latest Russian and foreign technology and infrastructure solutions

Discussion by market participants of initiatives and projects to develop the digital economy in the financial sector


  • Regulatory 'Fast Track' for Fintech
  • Immersive Fintech: Personal Experience or an Illusion Thereof?
  • 2035
  • Payment Services: Surprise Me if You Can
  • Cybersecurity: Death to All Living Things or a New Life?
  • The Digit and the Law: Have We Made it in Time or are We Late?
  • Me, Myself, and a Digital Avatar
  • Fintech Closer to the Body: New Opportunities for SMEs
  • Government Services: from Elementary to Advanced
  • Quantum Disruption
  • The Genesis of Fintech Insurance
  • Digital Maturity: Human Nature vs. Social Engineering
  • Blockchain, Cryptoassets, and Digital Currencies: An Oasis or a Mirage?
  • Bigtechs: Angels and Demons
  • Digital Audits: Truth or Fiction?
  • Robobestiary
  • Hash or Cash
  • Open Banking: A Right or an Obligation?
  • AI Under the Hood of Fintech: What to Expect
  • Why Does Fintech Need the Cloud?