About the Forum


The forum, which is being held by the Bank of Russia in partnership with IT and financial market leaders, has become the country’s largest platform for the discussion and analysis of trends and opportunities for the use of modern digital technologies in the financial sector.

The forum annually brings together about 1,500 participants from Russian and foreign companies along with experts and government representatives. The forum’s programme includes an exhibition area in which market leaders and young companies present their achievements and plans in matters concerning fintech as well as a competition of fintech startups. The first Fintech Youth Day was also held as part of FINOPOLIS 2017.

FINOPOLIS 2018 will take place on 17–19 October in Sochi.

  • Many thanks for hosting me at FINOPOLIS 2017 in Sochi.

    I was very impressed with the quality and scale of the event and the fintech and banking scene more generally. Having said that, I was even more impressed with the warmth and openness of everyone I met. It was a great experience and I am keen to visit again and maintain relationships going forward. I will certainly be echoing these sentiments socially.

    Chairman, Financial Data and Technology Association
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  • It was my pleasure to meet you during FINOPOLIS 2017 in Sochi, Russia.

    The efforts of the Bank of Russia in organization of such a high profile program were truly commendable. The deliberations and discussions on all the pertinent issues concerning ‘Digital World’ were of high standard and were personally beneficial to me.

    Chairman of Telecom Regulatory Authority of India
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  • FINOPOLIS offers a great opportunity for all members of the fintech community to discuss matters concerning the introduction of promising technologies,

    including ways to improve the interaction of the regulator and market participants. Exchanging views with experts from different countries, we understand that the creation and development of transnational services requires the effective unification of the global community.

    Deputy President and Chairman of VTB Bank Management Board
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  • Extremely well organized event, I loved being part of FINOPOLIS 2017 and hope to come back again soon!

    Futurist, CEO of Moven
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  • FINOPOLIS is a professional environment that allows you to get the necessary expertise and evaluation.

    Innovative financial technologies, their integration and management should be discussed, criticized, should be flexible and meet the needs of different representatives of the market.

    Sergey Solonin
    CEO of the FinTech Association
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  • FINOPOLIS was one of the best curated FinTech conferences

    FINOPOLIS was one of the best curated FinTech conferences I have participated in terms of currency and importance of topics considered, the quality of speakers and discussion, and the attention to detail on all levels including logistics

    Professor, Stern School of Business and the Center for Data Science, New York University
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  • FINOPOLIS is certainly Russia’s largest fintech event,

    and we are privileged to be its strategic partner. Tinkoff Bank’s team and I, personally, are very pleased to participate in this event every year.

    Oleg Tinkov
    Founder of Tinkoff Bank
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The Mission

The Mission of FINOPOLIS is to facilitate the introduction of innovative technologies into Russia’s financial sector.

Forum Objectives

Wide-ranging discussion of contemporary trends in the development of financial technologies

Presentation of the latest Russian and foreign technology and infrastructure solutions

Discussion by market participants of initiatives and projects to develop the digital economy in the financial sector


  • New Сompetitors and New Alliances. FinTech as a Driver of Competitive Market Development
  • Data – the New Oil?
  • Open Banking: For and Against
  • The Age of Artificial Intelligence: Profit vs Ethics
  • Fast Payments: The World and Us
  • The Regulatory ‘Sandbox’: A Game without Rules or the Rules of the Game?
  • Digital Technology for Microfinance
  • Capital Markets: Have the Robots Won?
  • FinTech as a Platform: from Pilot Versions to Real Solutions
  • Digital Financial Services Standards
  • Homo technologicus. Who is it?
  • FinTech and the Law: A Step in the Right Direction
  • Cybersecurity: The Market’s Digital Immune System
  • RegTech and SupTech: Directions for Development
  • The Latest from InsurTech: A New Customer Relationship Model