Materials of the Forum 2018

Plenary discussion 1. New Competitors and New Alliances. FinTech as a Driver of Competitive Market Development

Plenary discussion 2. Data – The New Oil?

Plenary discussion 3. FinTech as a Platform: From Pilot Versions to Real Solutions

Panel 1. Fast Payments: The World and Us

Panel 2. The Age of Artificial Intelligence: Profit vs. Ethics

Panel 3. Open Banking: For and Against

Panel 4. The Regulatory ‘Sandbox’: A Game without Rules or the Rules of the Game?

Panel 5. Capital Markets: Will the Robots Win?

Panel 6. Digital Technology for Microfinance

Panel 7. FinTech and the Law: A Step in the Right Direction

Panel 8. Homo technologicus – Who Is He?

Panel 9. Digital Financial Services Standards

Panel 10. Cybersecurity: The Market’s Digital Immune System

Panel 11. RegTech and SupTech: Directions for Development

Panel 12. InsurTech: Monetizing Data and Automating Processes

Open lectures. George Westerman.

Open lectures. Vasant Dhar.


Panel 3. Open Banking: For and Against.

Open Banking Update, Chris Michael, Chief Technology Officer, Open Banking Limited

Open lectures:

When Do We Trust AI? Vasant Dhar, Professor, Stern School of Business and the Center for Data Science, New York University
Your Company Doesn’t Need a Digital Strategy, George Westerman, Principal Research Scientist, MIT Sloan Initiative on the Digital Economy, MIT Sloan School of Management