Start up Contest


Solutions how to increase the efficiency of work with borrowers through the use of Big Data technologies, advanced methods of machine learning and Data Mining.


PFM cloud system EasyFinance gives a chance to the end user to see information on all of their assets and liabilities in one place, plan the budget and set financial goals and receive recommendations and reminders for the purchase of necessary financial products and payments. This PFM platform can be used to create a virtual bank / bank without offices.


Account aggregator allows you to merge all financial balances, balances and billed user accounts in one application. All banks, electronic wallets, cellular operators, loyalty programs and other providers where a person keeps money are available in the catalog.


Online loan service with a fully automated approval and loan process.  It uses probabilistic methods for assessing borrowers (own software "Scoring 6.0"), based on statistics and data from various sources (more than 1500 aggregates). It is so far the only Russian MFO that has entered the foreign credit markets.


The service provides a credit history online for individuals from NBKI, Equifax and BRS. Related services: an extract from the CCCH (Central Catalog of Credit Histories), scoring FICO and social-demographic checking of the car for collateral. The service gives recommendations for improving the credit history, based on the credit behavior of the user. The project works as an independent platform and as a white label solution for other resources, it is built in via iframe.


Service works for small businesses, allowing you to accept payment by Visa and MasterCard. Includes a payment terminal (card reader), compatible with most smartphones and tablets, and a mobile application for iOS, Android and Windows platforms. There is availability of certificates PCI DSS, EMV, Visa Ready. All processing is carried out by Alfa-Bank.


A messenger with the same functionality as WhatsApp or Viber, but still allows you to attach an order or payment to the message using any bank card. And user data must be specified only once during registration.

Rubbles Customer Insight

A platform that converts accumulated raw banking customer data (such as, for example, transaction data) into a set of understandable and ready-to-use facts from the client's real life (insights), as well as predictions about events that are likely to happen to the client in the future using machine learning methods.


The platform of personal offers of discounts of leading retailers to holders of bank cards, which allows banks to significantly increase the transaction activity of cardholders, increase loyalty and reduce the outflow of customers


Internet platform for P2P investments and direct loans for development of small business . The service includes checking the borrower's documents; financial analysis and credit rating assignment; transaction tracking to its completion.


A payment system provides a single payment processing system for Russian banks.  This system allows you to pay for a smartphone or electronic money offline, emits and processes its own electronic means of payment.


Online back-office for small businesses, which combines the key areas of  business services (accounting, legal advice, banking, business assistant services).


The developer and operator of  its own server platform for the remote issue of card products (bank, transport, identification, etc.) and mobile application-aggregator "Purse". The server platform is certified by international payment systems, supports all available types (both embedded in mobile devices and SIM cards) of crypto processors (Secure Element) for storing personal data (image maps). The platform also supports cloud storage of cards and their tokenization for transactions using HCE (Host-based Card Emulation) technology.


Cloud service and infrastructure solution for secure storage and exchange of information with the ability to remotely conduct crypto-operations, use the "cloud" electronic signature and flexible API for integration with other web services, corporate electronic document management systems and certification authorities.


Online-mechanism for protecting commercial transactions for their clients (legal entities and individuals),  as well as the ability to monitor the lifetime of transactions with the possibility of automated analysis of emerging controversial situations.


A cloud-based video surveillance system with a set of video analytics functions. You can access data from your surveillance cameras from anywhere in the world and from any device with the help of the system.