FinTech startup contest at Finopolis'2018

Winners 2018:

1 place

Q Platform
Prize – 3 million roubles

Q Platform (powered by QIWI)

Develops Open APIs-based access to financial infrastructure and services

Q Platform is a completely Russian development with a clear B2B focus.

The project includes bilateral multibank digital platform that automates cooperation between traditional banks and third-party fin-tech solutions.

Cooperation between FinTech and banks is channeled through a personal account organized using marketplace solutions.

2 place

Prize – 2 million roubles

Seeneco offers a B2B settlement platform. The project aimed to facilitate the rapid settlement between legal entities via the exchange of online instant payment invoices and e-banking payments.

3 place

Prize – 500,000 roubles

Qrooto offers a cash-back service based on mobile app technology that makes it possible for producers to directly stimulate sales of goods. The cash-back function is funded by the producer, through smart spending in its marketing budget and reducing the number of intermediaries.

3 place

Craft Talk
Prize – 500,000 roubles

Craft Talk – is an omni-channel client communication platform combining AI-enabled chat-bots and robotic AI assistant operators for sales and client support.

The FinTech 2018 contest winners

CreditClick Platform for real estate developers and estate agents integrated with popular bank mortgage offerings. 

An online service for the psychological evaluation of people based on an analysis of open-source information.

Simple Invest A mobile platform for straightforward investment – Simple Invest.
DataFabric The analysis of clients based on knowledge graphs. Solves issues related to Forensics, Compliance, Due Diligence, and KYC. Makes it possible to create individual scoring systems. For banks – AML/CFT.
АО «Инвестиционная платформа Крым» The project was developed as part of the Russian Federation Digital Economy programme, and in accordance with the instruction issued by the President of the Russian Federation to develop digital financial services and technologies to be tested within Bank of Russia. The project involves the development of Ethereum-based crowdfunding platforms with the goal of attracting investment and increasing the availability of financing for people in Crimea.
Fins. Money A service for the online opening of bank accounts in numbers banks, investment in products offered by a number of financial organizations.

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