Forum of innovative financial technologies FINOPOLIS 2016

Kazan will host the second forum focused on exchanging financial innovation experience.

Final document Finopolis 2015
  • Dear participants and guests of Forum of Innovative Financial Technologies FINOPOLIS 2016!

    Russia's financial market is very young, but in less than 20 years we managed to achieve what other countries have struggled with for many decades. Still, we understand that the ever-changing world constantly presents the economy's modern demands for financial services and opportunities for financial sector to apply the new technology. We live in very interesting times witnessing how advanced technology eliminates traditional business models that have governed financial sector for centuries. Russia cannot and must not be on the sidelines of this process. We will have to address a great deal of issues for the Russian financial sector to stay competitive, to be able to meet the demands of national economy and to withstand various shocks.

    In a few years digital services will significantly improve the quality of competition in financial sector and performance of finance brokers, while remote financial services distribution channels will make these services readily available for consumers. I hope, that the Finnopolis 2016 Forum will become a permanent venue bringing financial and IT industries, business community and regulators together.

    I am certain that Russian financial market has great development potential and continues to play an important role ensuring economic growth and prosperity of Russian citizens.

    I invite the stakeholders to participate in the Finopolis 2016 Forum. I am confident the forum will prove to be rewarding and successful.

    Elvira Nabiullina
    Governor of the Bank of Russia
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Date and venue

13-14 October 2016



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