Materials of the Forum
Plenary discussion «Artificial intelligence: a pathway to the common good or a road to serfdom?»
Plenary discussion «Digital platforms and services: what’s next?»
Plenary discussion «The digital ruble and tokenization»
Plenary discussion «Digitalization and competition: impact on the financial market»
Plenary discussion «Education. New competencies. What needs to be done?»
Plenary discussion «Digital assets: will there be a breakthrough?»
Session «I see you, I know you»
Session «Payments: where needs meet technologies»
Session in partnership with VTB Bank «Is ChatGPT going to develop free will?»
Roundtable of DOM.RF «Digital mortgage»
Roundtable of Rostelecom «Challenges of switching to Russian-made transaction systems»
Roundtable of Moscow Exchange «Financial information in the Russian market. Technologies and clients»
Roundtable of VSK Insurance House «Applicability and efficiency of AI technologies in business»
Session «Up in the air»
Session «#Lifestyle.API»
Session «Digital reinvention of project financing»
Roundtable of Promsvyazbank «Mobile banking via messaging apps and digital assistants: a luxury or a convenient tool for urgent tasks?»
Roundtable of Web3 Tech «Distributed ledger technology for businesses and state agencies»
Roundtable of Center of Biometric Technologies «The present and the future of the biometrics market»
Session «Turning the tables: is it possible to use AI on the consumer side?»
Session «Looking for talent: a dialogue between universities and the business community»
Roundtable of DOM.RF «Made in Russia»
Roundtable of National Payment Card System (NSPK) «NSPK: a partner or a competitor?»
Roundtable of FinTech Association «Digital profile: today and tomorrow»
Roundtable of the All-Russian Insurance Association «Ahead of space technology: insurance and financial services in 2023»
Session «Combatting online fraud: mission possible?»
Digitalization across the regions of Russia
Session «Quantum leap in finance»
Roundtable of FinTech Association «Digital zen»
Session of the Bank of Russia Youth Council «Young people’s perspective on digital technologies»
Session «Regulation of digital innovations in the financial sector: looking into the future?»
Session «Cybersecurity in today’s world»
Session «Digitalization of depositary services: new pathways for investment»
Session «Digital audit: AI – or human?»
Roundtable «Tokenized non-cash funds in bank accounts: challenges and opportunities»
Roundtable «Virtual vs real finance – is there a winner?»
Roundtable «Facilitating fintech innovations»
Seminar by Globus IT «Banks and cloud services»
Workshop by LANIT Integration «Security integration: meeting regulatory requirements when working with personal data»
Seminar by Sitronics Group «End-to-end intellectual solutions by Sitronics Group»
Training by OVISION «How do modern biometric systems work?»
Workshop by UNIFIED TSUPIS «Security of the modern IT infrastructure: countering high-intensity DDoS attacks»
Workshop by QIWI «Mindfulness for fintech teams»
Workshop by Fplus «AI platforms: choosing an import-independent solution»
Workshop by the BitRussia Platform «Using utility digital rights in project fundraising»
Seminar by Orion soft «Microservices and OS-level virtualization. Is it the future or the present of finance?»
Seminar by Russian Bank for Small and Medium Enterprises «Skyrocketing from a startup to an IPO»
Workshop by Tinkoff Bank «Social adaptation of artificial intelligence»
Seminar by Goznak «Trust in digital services: real cases. Trends, doubts, facts»
Workshop by FinTech Association «Benchmarking school: what can comparing corporate metrics tell us about increasing efficiency?»
Seminar by Flex Software Systems (FlexSoft) «iBPM by FlexSoft: a revolutionary approach to launching a Self-Build Mortgage product with a major federal bank»
How was the case championship in Samara 2023
How was the case championship in Innopolis 2023
Junior Paytech Forum 2023

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Russian Federation, Krasnodar region, Sirius Federal Territory, Olympic Ave., 1.