You can challenge yourself and your friends and family in the 4.5 km run or on the 5.5 km Nordic Walking course.

It’s great to do sports together!
4.5 km
5.5 km
A set of medals will be drawn among the competitors - separately in the men's and women's categories.

Date and time of the venue: October, 30th, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m..
The venue is the Larisa Lazutina Sports and Recreation Park, Odintsovo.

SMART Technologies, a developer and integrator of IT infrastructure solutions for government and corporate customers is a partner of FINORACE.

FINORACE isn't just an opportunity to meet future FINOPOLIS 2021/22 participants in an informal setting; it's also a chance to spend a sports weekend outdoors with your whole family. The event includes a 600m family run in which the participation of both children and their families is is welcomed.

The participants will be provided with:

On October, 30th, the weather is expected to be sunny and the temperatures is expected to be +10oC, so we recommend to wear warm clothes and to come dressed in sports and comfortable clothes.

Participants' kits will be handed out on the spot. Please consider the timing: you'll need enough time to get to the venue, to pick up the kit, to change and to warm up before the race.

Follow the news on www.finopolis.ru.

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