9 October 2019

Gazprombank team has prepared a fascinating quest for all participants of the FINOPOLIS 2019 forum. It's simple: pass the quest and get valuable prizes from the Bank!


To participate you need to download the app “GPB Quest” (available in Google Play and AppStore) and follow the instructions: scan QR-codes that are hidden around the forum venue. 


You will have 120 minutes to finish the quest, while finding the right QR-codes is not that easy! There’s hint: they are hidden not only on the stand of Gazprombank, but also on the stands of other banks, as well as on the "Alleys of startups", in the "presentation Zone", at the "Information Desk" and in the "Charging Point". Coffee drinkers, attention: labels are also hidden in the coffee break areas and on the coffee points of the stands. 


Find codes and get prizes: stylish thermal mugs, powerful portable chargers, popular science literature and convenient cardholders. 


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