Official Opening of the Forum. Plenary discussion 1. Regulatory Fast Track for FinTech
Lecture by Aleksey Fedorov on ‘Quantum computing for the financial industry’
Panel 1. Payment Services: Surprise Me if You Can
Panel 2. Cybersecurity: Death to All Living Things or a New Life?
Panel 3. The Digit and the Law: Have We Made it in Time or Are We Late?
Rostelecom roundtable on ‘Partnership Between Banks, Telecoms and Startups to Create an Environment of Growth’
Skolkovo startup pitch sessions
Dialogue between CEO of Paris Fintech Forum Laurent Nizri and Governor of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina
Plenary discussion 2. Immersive FinTech: Personal Experience or an Illusion Thereof?
Presentation of the annual FinCERT report
Panel 4. Me, Myself & A Digital Avatar
Panel 5. The Evolution of Sales: MicroFinTech
Panel 6. Government Services: from Elementary to Advanced
VISA roundtable on ‘Banks, Startups and Digital Platforms: Partners or Competitors?’
QIWI roundtable on ‘Flying into a Black Hole: Constant Transformation in Times of Uncertainty’
Panel 7. Quantum Disruption
Panel 8. Snug FinTech: New Opportunities for SMEs
Panel 9. Digital Maturity: Human Nature vs. Social Engineering
Waves Roundtable оn ‘Cross-Border Banking: How to Solve the Problems of Interoperability?’
Plenary discussion 3. 2035
Keynote speaker on ‘The Transformation of Banks in the Digital Era’
Panel 10. Blockchain, Cryptoassets, and Digital Currencies: An Oasis or a Mirage?
Panel 11. BigTechs: Angels and Demons
Mastercard roundtable on ‘Payment Interfaces of the Future: Communicating with Customers in 2030’
Panel 12. Digital Audits: Truth or Fiction?
RBC Roundtable on ‘Investing in FinTech: The Investors’ View’
Panel 13. Robobestiary
Panel 14. Hash or Cash
Mir payment system session. Telling It like It Is: Pozner on Mir
Panel 15. Open Banking: A Right or an Obligation?
Panel 16. AI Under the Hood of FinTech: What to Expect
Panel 17. Why Does FinTech Need the Cloud?
Roundtable. Blockchain Working for Business

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