17 October 2018

On 17 October, official FINOPOLIS 2018 partner Tinkoff Bank will hold a lecture, ‘The business analyst in FinTech’, which will be given by Konstantin Markelov, Tinkoff Bank’s Vice President and Director of Business Technologies. In his lecture, Konstantin will analyze examples of real business problems and provide possible solutions. He will also answer a number of topical questions on the skills of the modern business analyst and modern challenges.

On 18–19 October, also as part of the Fintech Youth Day, Tinkoff FinTech school will hold two workshops entitled ‘Tinkoff FinTech School Workshop – Developing Chat Using Multipeer Connectivity Frameworks’. The speaker will be Artyom Kiselev, architect of Tinkoff Bank’s mobile apps and author of the iOS course at Tinkoff’s FinTech School.

During the workshops, Artyom Kiselev will discuss what students at the Tinkoff FinTech School will come across on the iOS development course. Participants will learn about popular coding patterns, study the organization of data storage on the device in depth, design the application interface, and learn how to send messages to each other without using the internet.

Contact details:

Kirill Vishnepolsky,

Head of the Press Office, Tinkoff Bank

+7 (495) 648 1000, ext. 35839

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Location of the event:

Russian Federation, Krasnodar region, Sirius Federal Territory, Olympic Ave., 1.