Plenary discussion № 3. Ecosystems. Transformation of the business models of the financial market under the influence of technologies
Plenary discussion №1. New economy in uniform digital space
Plenary discussion № 4. Artificial Intelligence (AI): what changes are waiting for us?
Plenary discussion №2. Top of Fin Tech as viewed by foreign and national visionaries
Break-out discussion №7. Digital currencies and their regulation
Break-out discussion №1. National infrastructure of digital financial ecosystem
Break-out discussion №8. InsurTech: What is the stumbling block of the digital revolution in insurance?
Break-out discussion №2. Cybersecurity and digitalization: choice of balance
Break-out discussion №9. Problems and perspectives of the market of financial data: Big Data, Smart Data, big personal information.
Break-out discussion №5. Cards and FinTech: perspectives of payment cards in the era of digitalization
Break-out discussion №11. The distributed registers for business and the state.
Round-table №1. How the Internet of commerce things (Internet of Commerce Things, IoCT) will change the world?
Break-out discussion №12. Open API. Deverticalisation and destruction of barriers between branches: consequences for the financial market of Russia
Break-out discussion №13. Finance - it is cool: total simplification, commoditization and gamification of products and services.

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